Photocatalyst [CelMuse]

Photocatalysts are substances that oxidize and decompose organic compounds, such as odors and dirt, when exposed to light and moisture and oxygen in the air.
At that time, the photocatalyst itself does not change chemically.
Since it shows the effect if there is light, it is attracting worldwide attention as an environmentally friendly technology.
CelMuse is a photocatalyst of titanium oxide series.
Titanium oxide is a white powder and familiar and highly safe substance used as a pigment in cosmetics, food additives, and medical additives.

Product form

FormStandard photocatalyst concentrationpH Product Features
Water suspension 10wt% 3~4 The components in the product are only the photocatalyst component and water, and do not contain additives. It has good dispersibility and can be used as it is.

Internal capacity 20kg
Packing 20L polygonal container

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Example of photocatalyst paint preparation using [CelMuse].

Assuming spraying, dipping and brush application

< Paint composition>

ComponentMixing ratio
CellMuse (solid content conversion) 0.5~5wt%
Binder component (solid content conversion) 0.1~5wt%
Other components (surfactants, etc.) About 0.01 About 0.01
Solvent (water, alcohol, etc.) 90~94wt%

< How to make paint>

1. Mix ingredients other than CelMuse.
2.1.CellMuse water suspension is slowly added to the mixture prepared in.

< Precautions when preparing paint>

•When the pH of the paint is around 6, photocatalytic components tend to aggregate. Aggregation can be improved by adjusting the pH.
•  Agglomeration will be less likely to occur if CellMuse water suspension is added to other ingredients.
•The smaller the amount of solids other than the photocatalyst in the paint, The photocatalytic effect is higher.